If I'm not religious...?

I’m confused. I am not a religious person in any way. I don’t believe in god. I don’t care that other people do, but it’s just my own personal belief. So anyway, does that mean that technically I should treat days like Christmas and Easter as just a normal day like any other? Cause they are all about God/Jesus and I don’t believe in either so…do I have to…cancel Christmas?

Answer #1

I dont think so. I mean you can still celebate. cause if you stop I think their is this one religion where you like dont celebrate nuthin

Answer #2

As long as you believe that someone is guiding with you it is ok.

Answer #3

if you dont believe in him than yes because it’s a religous holiday

Answer #4

Your choice.

Answer #5

If you’re not religious, you can celebrate any holiday you want. It’s up to you. I celebrate Christmas, take the kids for Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Halloween - all of which have religious overtones.

If there were other good excuses to party, I’d celebrate those too.

Answer #6

Thanks baldwinwolf that was helpful. I was under the impression that Christmas was supposed to be religious, so I was feeling bad to celebrate it when I’m not religious myself.

Answer #7

I was thinking that yes I can just buy presents on Christmas and have eggs on easter but that bothers me. I feel bad by buying into the commercial side of it when that is not what it is supposed to be about - right? It just seems a bit shallow and a bit, well, dumb to be honest.

Answer #8

Someone is guiding with me? Um…no not really…if you are talking about someone like God then no. I take life for what it is as I see it, and can’t see how a magical creature or person can be guiding me…(no offense)

Answer #9

I’m the same way. I just celebrate to shut my family up. They’re not religious-crazy, but they do say that they believe in god and whatnot, and none of it makes sense to me, therefore I just don’t believe it.

Answer #10

People have made it all religious(or nowadays, more commercial, frankly), but I see itas a time to get together with family and/or friends and just enjoy the time off. Being nice has nothing to do with religion. I am semi-religious, but I’m a horrible person a good portion of the time.

Answer #11

The reason I am not religious is because I have very little knowledge about any of it. I was not raised in a house or school where religion was taught, not even the basics. I used to celebrate Christmas because everyone else did but I’ve been thinking - I can’t choose to believe in & celebrate something I don’t understand can I? It’s all a bit confusing.

Answer #12

I don’t think it makes sense to celebrate a holiday when the main idea is something you don’t believe in. Maybe presidents day or something is better for you, but I encourage you to read other people’s opinion about God. With all the confusing information and stuff that doesnt make sense in the Bible, I went on a search/study and found a few books that helped me develope my beliefs, try Sylvia Browne’s book Jesus the Uncommon Perspective. This helped me to understand things and also make my own beliefs easier to understand.

Answer #13

days like christmas and easter have a more significants than presents and rabbit eggs, but since you dont believe in the christian faith that these two day originated from, then you should only focus on what media has morphed it into.

presents and be nice

find rabbit eggs and buy chocolate

Answer #14

YES you can celebrate christmas, easter , all of the other holidays- THEY WERE PAGAN HOLIDAYS LONG BEFORE THE CHRISTIANS ASSIMILATED THEM.

so you can still partake in the spirit of the holidays- fellowship with your fellow human beings- and gift giving. but instead of exalting christ on those days- they can be PINE TREE DAY- BUNNY DAY, etc.

the true meaning of YULE (christmas) was to welcome back the sun god (the sun) as the days begin to get longer- people gathered around bonfires and had a great old time.

so celebrate it however you want to.

Answer #15

Whether your religious or not, celebrate these holidays as you please because religion is in every aspect of life. Everything comes down to religion- eating to much or not enough, looking at someone with lust, marriage, divorce,etc… Everthing we do is based on religion in Christianity.

Answer #16

Everthing we do is based on religion in Christianity.

Heh. I’m Christian and I find that remark to be a load of crap. Every religion on Earth addresses those issues in one way or the other. There are certain moral aspects that are an instinctual part of our minds.

Answer #17

Intense: You have been given everything on this earth, including each breath, and blink of your eyes and heartbeats. God is pulling at your heart and wooing you into a relationship with Him even before you were born. Every post here draws upon trust from you to follow or not, and truth from each person’s point of view. Absolute truth. Do you believe in absolute truth? God is alive and well and I know you believe in something! Blessings, Dan

Answer #18

I wouldn’t feel at all guilty about celebrating the BIG holidays- the christians didn’t invent these holidays- they just kind of took them over.

so I am glad that I could help, if you study the other meanings of these holidays- the true pagan meanings- you may find something that you can relate to- like burning the yule log- etc. it is fascinating how these holidays originally came about- the christian definitions are only 1/3 of the story.

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