Should I make a group about sharing religious beliefs?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering, is anybody intrested in learning about Islam? because I love teaching peple what I know and also love to listen about their religion or cultural beliefs. In addition I thought I could create another group instead of the one I already have were we can all join and share our religious/cultural beliefs.

Therefore, do you think this a is a good idea or not? (if positive results are obatined I will consider creating the group and anyone is more than welcome to join)

Thank you

Answer #1

Awww a big big big thank you to all of you, I will add you all as my friends so you can be added to the group and then I will also inform my other friends about changing the group to ensure it’s all good…will write to you all soon Thanks again Alesha

Answer #2

really it’s a great idea

Answer #3

I’ll join it as soon as you create it

Answer #4

yes, thats a great idea can I join?

Answer #5

I will sooo join. im a muslim. but still got some questions about it :D so id loove looove looove to join in .. good luck and add me okay ?

Answer #6

I would join as well. I’d like to learn more about other people’s faiths.

Answer #7

I’m all ears. . . .

Answer #8

yes its agood idea, iam muslim and I’d like to join you,good luck.

Answer #9

Sounds cool… I`d join

Answer #10

I am interested in learning about Islam, the guy that I’m dating is Muslim so I’m curious about it.

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