Religious question please answer

In a religious perspective what does the rainbow represent? My parents always said it meant god was good or everyone goes to heaven or something like that or he wont let satan rule over the world, someone confirm that please

Answer #1

yeh everyone.. its a sign that god will never flood the earth again.. next time he will just burn it.. lovley..

Answer #2

layashea, you are correct. Rainsbows are a sign that god will never destroy the world by water

Answer #3

uhm, I believe that god sent to the rainbow to as a sign to let everyone know, that he would never flood the earth again- “noah&the ark.” -it actually says that about the rainbow in the bible.

Answer #4

nah just happens after rain. I may not be the best source lol. im not christian

Answer #5

why does it need to be a religious standpoint?.. rainbows occur after it rains, due to the suns reflection, exe exe.. I could say that it gets windy because of the wind god being angry.. or it could just be windy cause its windy.. throwing religion into things, just clashs peoples personal opinions..

Answer #6

In the bible, a rainbow represents God’s promise that he will never flood the world the way he did the last time (Noah and the ark) :)

Answer #7

yup Noah and the ark. Never to flood the world again, thats why there is a rainbow.

the reason it appears after it rains or when it rains is cause water(rain) is what God used to destroy the land once. and to remind people, he uses that symbol to let everyone know, that now there is a pact to never let that happen again.

he just lets people connect the 2 lol rain? = water!? = used to flood the earth!!!???

holy crap! :O

Answer #8

uhm, I believe that god sent to the rainbow to as a sign to let everyone know, that he would never flood the earth again- noahthe ark

That’s the natural explanation biblical writer at that time could come up with. Tells us a lot about their science knowledge. They also didn’t know that People in England, North/South America or Africa saw Rainbows thousands of times before and made up another tell tale of their explanation to why the rainbow appeared!

Answer #9

What the… well thats a load of rubbish in my opinion… anyone educated would know that rainbows are caused by refraction… of the sunlight when it passes through the raindrops… yet another piece of evidence to support the fact that people just used God to explain things when they were ‘less educated’.

Answer #10

From a religious perspective, a rainbow results from refraction off of raindrops, very much like a prism. The different wavelengths of light are bent by different amounts in accordance with Snell’s law.

Answer #11

Everyone gave you the religious perspective, from another (fairy tale) perspective. If you reach the end of the rainbow girls will turn into boys and boys into girls or you’ll find a pot of gold :)

Answer #12

The Rainbow is an agreement that was made after the great flood that God would never destroy the Earth again with water.

The Rainbow is his Bow. Gen 9:13

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