What is your favorite kind of pizza?

What is your favorite kind of pizza? I wanna try some new kinds. Any ideas?!

Answer #1

Philly cheese steak

Answer #2

peperoni with pineapple ,black olives and banana peppers with extra pizza sauce

Answer #3

When I was in Michigan, I first had a pizza that was called Hawaiian Delight (because nothing says Hawaii like winter in E. Lansing, Michigan!)

It is ham, pineapple and ANCHOVIES! The secret is to always have a bit of pineapple in any bite with anchovies. The two tastes together are sensational.

Answer #4

mine is ham, pineapple, black olives, red onions, extra cheese, mushrooms, spinach,and garlic!!!

Answer #5

I love ham and pineapple and I love chicken and mushrooms try those

Answer #6

Mine,which was my first,is pepperoni and sausage pizza.

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