what kind of topping would you like in a pizza?

What kind of topping would you like in a pizza maybe something that they have never used in a pizza and that would make the pizza tastes even better, any idea tell me is just curiosity. thank you.

Answer #1

Roasted finger tips

Answer #2

Spinach is good. I don’t see it used enough in pizza. And it’s healthy.

Answer #3


Answer #4


Answer #5

=/ Really?

Answer #6

If I could choose…? Well obviously chocolate at the base, with ice cream, jelly beans, jelly snakes, a stuffed crust of melted chocolate, coconut sprinkled on the top, and a caramel dressing.

Answer #7

Oh yah…jk haha. i like mushrooms and pepperoni and spinach

Answer #8

Chocolate crust. Chocolate fudge drizzled on it jelly beans Hot tamales on top

Answer #9

Ew…chocolate and hot tamales don’t sound like they would mix to well. :(

Answer #10

Mmm. Spinach and chicken makes my perfect pizza.

Answer #11

they would to me

Answer #12


Answer #13

Just cheese and mushrooms…Im veggie :)

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