What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Mine would either be cookies & cream or moose’s tracks

Answer #1

Mint Chocolate Chip <3

Answer #2

I absolutely hate ice cream but cherry Garcia is good.

Answer #3

I like cookies n cream, cookie dough, vanilla and mint chocolate chip, pumpkin and banana are good too

Answer #4

Mmm I like both of ur choices, and strawberry chocolate and orange cream

Answer #5


Answer #6

Mine too! (:

Answer #7

Coffee! and cookies and cream. <3

Answer #8

mint chocolate chip though pralines n cream is awfully good too.

Answer #9

Chocolate carmel square. Its the most delicious amazing thing on this planet, I SWEAR lol

Answer #10

FRENCH vanilla =3

Answer #11

French vanilla is yummy.

Answer #12


Answer #13

Chocolate or Bubble Gum Flavour. :P

Answer #14


Answer #15


Answer #16

Chocolate, mint chocolate chip or coffee =D <3

Answer #17

Chocolate Paradise (kroger brand) you don’t need anything for it, it’s good all by itself =D <3

Answer #18

Mint chocolate :D

Answer #19

Rocky road. :D

Answer #20

Never had it.

Answer #21

Aww yeah. Basic ice cream is cool and yummy too. :)

Answer #22

Chacobar icecream

Answer #23

Blue moon. It has the slight taste of fruit loops. It’s sold in the midwest of the united states. Super hard to find.

Answer #24

vanilla plus chocolate having strawberry over it

Answer #25

Moose Tracks(:

Answer #26

Where can you find this flavor?!? I remember having it one time and instantly falling in love with it, but I have no idea where to find it and buy it.

Answer #27

Most grocerystores sell it in cartons. :o)

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