Favorite pizza topping

What is your fav pizza topping and where is your fav place to get pizza from My favorite is extra cheese and pepperonni from mazzios

Answer #1

Cheese, Ham and Pineapple, thin and crispy pizza … yum! =o)

Answer #2

Stuffed crust, all meats e.g pepperoni, ham, beef, italian sausage with mushrooms, peppers, and pineapple


Answer #3

I forgot about white pizza…no sauce with broccoli and tomatoes and cheese…and Grotto’s makes wonderful pizza too.

Answer #4

My pizza is usually Pepperoni! With a lot of cheese :D Or Ham&Cheese. And…uhm. Well, I like Pizza Hut, but Sbarro is good as well.

Answer #5

My favorite pizza toppings would be Mushrooms, Peperroni, and onions occasionally. My places to get pizza would be Hungry Howies, Pizza Hut, or Jets.

Answer #6

Sauceless, or light sauce. Extra cheese and green olives! looove.

We have a place here called My Father’s Place which is a pizza place I like to go to. I also really like Meldino’s which is locally owned.

Answer #7

My favorite toppings are mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and capers. If capers aren’t available than Kalamata olives are good too.

If a pizza has good crust, sauce and toppings than I like it cheeseless.

California Pizza Kitchen is my favorite national chain.

There is a local pizza chain where I live called “I Fratelli” that has great pizza; too spicy for a lot of people but I like it that way.

The best cheap pizza I found is from a chain called “Pizza Patrón.” Their pizza is a lot cheaper than Dominos and Pizza Hut. They don’t have delivery or dining rooms so you have to pick it up. When I had to buy 8 large pizzas for my daughters birthday party Pizza Hut wanted $93, the same pies at Pizza Patrón were only $52 and everyone liked it. I liked Pizza Patrón’s veggie pizza better than Pizza Hut and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Answer #8

pepperonni with occassionaly sausage…my fave. place, gatti’s or cici’s

Answer #9

lots and lots of cheese.. pizza hut is good but primos is all you can eat which is good if youre like me

Answer #10

My pizza:

No pizza sauce Pepperoni Jalepeno’s Tomatoes

Answer #11

Pineapple and ham from Pizza Hut

Answer #12

We have no pizzeria here, so we make our own pizzas.

I’m actually not a huge fan of pizza (I can take it or leave it), but my kids love my “spaghetti pizza”. It’s made with spaghetti sauce, meatballs, and parmesan.

Answer #13

I like pineapple and ham and pepperoni with lots of cheese

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