Favorite Pizza Toppings!

what’s your favorite pizza toppings??? mine is extra cheese ( crazy as this sounds, I also like ketchup on my pizza)

Answer #1

Artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, and capers

Answer #2

My favorite pizza topping I ~must~ have is BACON yumm lol its Delicious I got my whole family stuck on bacon pizza too. Just regular bacon not Canadian bacon. Oh and extra sauce too !! Thats how I order it everytime

Answer #3

My favorite toppings on my pizza are, Pepperoni, of course cheese, mushrooms, sometimes chicken, sausage, onions, and once in a great while ham. My two favorites are Pepperoni and Mushrooms though. Yummy!

Answer #4

Lmao I like ketchup 2!!! haha

Answer #5

lots of meat…and pineapples…jalepenos…bell peppers…oinions

Answer #6

pepperonies (I think I spelled it wrong sorry lol)

Answer #7

Ham & pineapples…

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