What's your favorite kind of cookie?

My mom bought these ridiculously delicious gourmet cookies that I fell in love with at first bite! What about you guys, do you have any special cookies that make your mouth melt?! The cookies I ate were chocolate chip and they were so soft and the chocolate melted right when I touched the cookie! Oh my gosh… I love it!

Answer #1

Tennis biscuits and then my mother bakes these cookies called sweet cookies - direct translation.

Answer #2

White chocolate chip with macadamia nuts….i always choose them over anything else…especially when they are warm.

Answer #3

Tennis biscuits! What an odd name for such a sweet delicacy! :O Did I spell that right? I’m to lazy to check :S

Answer #4

Warm cookies pwn don’t they! :3

Answer #5

I gave my favourite two…tennis biscuits are plan and simply…. http://funadvice.com/r/3k8h0j77uc The bakersman tennis biscuits.

Answer #6


Answer #7

i mean plain not plan.

Answer #8

Hey those look like grham crackers! :) I wonder what they taste like…. :O Thanks for the answer you! :)

Answer #9

lol, I bet they’re every mortals true weakness :)

Answer #10

You’re welcome. They taste kinda sweet. REALLY nice and no, they aren’t like crackers. They are like tennis biscuits. hehe. works excellent with milk.

Answer #11

triple chocolate!! Yoyos are good too

Answer #12

Any kind of soft, squishy cookie. chocolate chip, white macadamia nut, sugar cookies lol. as long as they’re squishy:)

Answer #13

Sound like the cookies my mom bought me, want some? :)

Answer #14

lol nah not right now.my tummy hurts. thank you tho. very kind of you lol:)

Answer #15

Aw really? I didn’t have any left but I could always vomit one out for you :3 but okay, if you say so, hope you feel better!

Answer #16

lol… getting smart with me are you! :O

Answer #17

I love chocalate chip with walnuts and snickler doodles they be too good

Answer #18

shortbread cookies

Answer #19

Ooo, what are those like? :)

Answer #20

buttery and crispy

Answer #21

Mmm, I could use those right now :)

Answer #22

when i was at sam’s today they had a 30 pack of lorna dorna(something like that)shortbread cookies but we didnt get them or you can get them at walmart they are very very good

Answer #23

Thanks for that, I’ll see if I can find them :)

Answer #24


Answer #25

anything with chocolate…yummmm

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