What kind of rice is your favorite?

I like Jasmine, thats what I’m making now. it has a different flavor than any other kind of rice.

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Answer #2

Personally, it’s a toss up between jasmine rice and basmati rise, those two are my favorite kids.

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Answer #4

uncle ben’s brocilli and cheese <3 yummy ;P

Answer #5

Umm…sticky rice? Is that a type? :P

Answer #6

jasmine, basmati, arborio and wild rice

Answer #7

Umm..english please? :)

Answer #8

but Italian words like arborio and carnaroli are so much prettier. Carnaroli rice is great too, it makes wonderful risottos

Answer #9

Holy…I can’t even boil water…like no joke, no one in my family can cook, my mum made macaroni and cheese for lunch today, and she burnt it, and when my dad tries to make microwave dinners they explode. I’m just gonna shut up :)

Answer #10

Hmm going to have to try basmati! :)

Answer #11

You should get a steamer like we have. All you do is put the right amount of rice with the right amount of water. Push the white rice button and wait for it to go to warm then it is done!! Hardly any effort and some great rice!! :)

Answer #12

Fried rice.

Answer #13

egg fried

Answer #14

Jasmine rice! I use it in my Uzbek polow dishes. It’s best with some hot chai(tea). :)

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