How many people read about the oil spill off the coast of India the last few weeks?

Two ships apparently collided and dumped a bunch of oil in the Indian Ocean. Adding it up, we’ve had the US spill, the China one and now this…I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping more subsidies and effort are put towards less polluting forms of energy now more than ever.

Answer #1

Don’t forget the Gulf of Mexico I believe that happened while I was in my Junior year last year. If they can get that cleaned, I’m sure they can get this one cleaned.

Answer #2

Interestingly enough I was reading about it this morning, not the oil spill but alternative energies. Have a go at the web and search for Bloom Energy. Very interesting ;)

Answer #3

How much do you want to bet that India’s government does not force the companies who owned the ships to pay all the people who think there were affected by the spill?

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