Who has read about BP's corruption, regarding the oil spill?

In the Doc’s office yesterday, I read about how they’ve cut about a trillion corners regarding safety regulations and spill preventions. They supply the US military with oil, which is something to consider when thinking about their fine: 50 million, which is pennies to them, I think their profits are around 26 billion per year or something. AND they are doing a fine job at covering up all the corners they cut: when investigators asked for their safety and maintenance files, BP gave them a freshly-bought and produced server with over 62 million pages of documents on it. Making it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find anything of any importance. How are they getting away with this, as their oil spreads along the coasts and kills animals every minute of the day? Does it have to do with their relationship with the Government? Or are British laws different? (BP used to stand for “British Petroleum” they changed it to “Beyond Petroleum” for a more “green” feel. HA.) So what are your thoughts?

Answer #1

Aside from their culpability…..I’d like to hear more about MMS’s culpuability…the media doesn’t seem to want to talk about the regulatory departments bedding down with BP.

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