Will Kevin Costner's machine really clean up the oil spill do you think?

Apparently, BP ordered more than a dozen of the machines from his brother’s company (that Costner invested in after the Valdez oil spill)…I think it’d be more than a bit cool if he came through…after spending so much money on Waterworld to bring environmental awareness to folks, it’s still sad that we might need the invention, but great that a celebrity was putting their money into a cause to help the planet, if it works.

Answer #1

I think the machine’s will work, at this point I am optimistic about all ideas that come to the table. I just want the oil cleaned up because your right about waterworld bringing awareness to everyone.

Answer #2

I feel just like this guy about the whole thing.

Answer #3

I feel like we are in some bad Saturday night live skit that now we are all part of.

Answer #4

I think it needs to be improved.

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