Who's paying for the oil spill in the golf of mexico?

Whos getting the blame and do you think is gonna affect everyone…

Answer #1

We all will the gas prices will go way up because of this. However the big oil companies will get hurt in the end, because people won’t be able to aford to go on long family vacations because of gas prices.

Answer #2

There were multiple safety issues with the oil rig, from bad valves to other things.

Ultimately, the environment is paying in the end, because it has to deal with all that oil. That isn’t the worst spill that has ever happened.

Answer #3

Yes we will be affected. Right now they are burning the oil off the top of the water which is causing air pollution. Also we will notice our gas prices go up every month, some say it will get up to $14 in the next six months. Until we find a way to stop the 5,000 barrels of oil leaking per day I think we are all screwed. As for the blame, it was BP’s oil drilling rig so they are being blamed.

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