Why hasn't there been much news coverage on China's oil spill?

I’m assuming it has to do with their government, but I’m surprised I haven’t heard much about this–apparently China’s 2nd largest oil spill in history–closing beaches all along the Yellow Sea. Scientists say it’s about half as bad as the oil spill in the Gulf, which to me is still HUGE and requires more attention. Does anyone else agree? Apparently the spill is “worse than thought” and has “doubled in size” since yesterday. Who hasn’t heard about it, and who has? For those who have, where did you hear about it? (Newspaper, TV, online/website, etc?). I’m curious about the media coverage.

Answer #1

hi i think this is taking all the headlines in china! widespread floods in southern china has caused 175 deaths with 107 people missing,plus thousands of houses have been destroyed and economic losses have topped £1.4 billion. this could be why there’s been no news coverage?

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