How are people coping with the Hurricanes?

Just wondering, for those who live in Louisiana And New Orleans, or the Floorda coast, how are people coping with the Hurricanes? I hope everyone is evacuated. I’ll be praying for everyone over there. I hope Texas gets the rain only.

Answer #1

everyone thinks neworleans got it worse but no bayst. louis an boloxi did for hurricane katrina I was there an I no neworleans got the water they had the chance to fix the levys but they wouldnt!

Answer #2

Sarasota is magical, storms avoid us, one day a hurricane is going to slit in half just to avoid us, lol we havnt gotten much this year, it’s been worse, I feel bad for new orleans =(

Answer #3

Well, I’m sure the people in the Hurricane’s path are praying that they will survive, that other families will survive, and that there won’t be too much damage. It’s a shame that some people couldn’t evacuate from such a serious natural disaster. I have a feeling Gustav will be a very vigorous storm!

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