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Can you tell at a very young age if a child has anxiety issues (read more)?

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i was recently watching my bf's niece who is turning 3 here soon. now i have been babysitting since i was 13 and have watched plenty of 3 year old. she is not like any of them. she has alot of minor freak out mode, almost panic attacks. i wanted to take her to the park and she was fine until we hit the end of the street then paniced and ran all the way home. she told me "i not aloud to go anywhere" and "i stay here forever". She ran away from me when i tried tying her shoe, she was afraid to take a bath because she thought the shower would turn on, she's not yet potty trained but cries and begs you not to change her. She repeats the phrases i ok and i fine over and over again when she gets nervous. i'm really concerned for her, because she never was like this before and now she's like a different little girl.