Can a muslim get married in a macedonian orthodox church?

Can a muslim girl get married in a macedonian orthodox church without converting to her macedonian fionce?

Answer #1

He/she can not. In Christianity, marriage is a sacrament(or mystery). Through sacraments God, Jesus Christ, gives the persons involved grace. Grace is a gift from God only through Jesus Christ, to help us respond to his call to become children of God, to become partakers of the divine nature and of eternal life. In a large way to tell, sacraments are the union of God with his creation. For marrying in a Christian church first you have to be baptized, because the baptism is a sacrament too and is the first, which makes you Christian.

Answer #2

hey, yes thats the reason I don’t think he would want to get married anywhere else as his family have all married in that church and therefore I would have to convert. is that right for me to do that.

I don’t think he would want a no9n religious ceremony and because I love him so much I would do anything even though my family wouldnt be to happy I guess its called love.

Answer #3

Well, if you want to marry in that church I assume it is for a reason? Like your fiance is a member of that church? Perhaps you should talk to him about who to contact?

And yes, you are right, people can and should be together no matter what. That does not mean that all religious sects are going to be ok with you marrying in their place of worship. You have to find out if it is ok to get married in that particular church. You may have to pick another church or have a non-religious or non-denominational ceremony if it comes down to it.

Answer #4

your muslim rules are a load of bullshit im a muslim girl but I dont believe in the religion but im willing to convert if I have to, how could I contact the macedonian orthodox church? but then again if two people love eachother no matter what I believe that they can be together if they love eachother its plain and simple. your marrying someone because you love them not because they are a particular religion. if I really think bout it im more orthodox then anything.

Answer #5

wow wildcat, way to start preaching and foisting your own beliefs on someone else. She’s not talking about Islam is she? She’s talking about the macedonian orthodox church. What gives you the right to tell her how to live? Or for that matter the fiance?

I cant find an answer to this one. I’d suggest you contact the church and find out.

Answer #6

im a muslim girl I know that in islam girls are not allowed to mary non muslim guys or if they want she have to convert him to islam and get mary with islamic rules .muslim marry each other by doing NIKAH not marrying in a macedonian orthdox church. girl follow the islam.

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