american marries a muslim

does the Quran say muslims can not marry outside there race

Answer #1

First of all, Muslim is not a ‘race’, it means belonging to a religion, Islam.

Christians and Muslims certainly can - and do - marry. I know several Norwegians married to men from Pakistan or Turkey.

By the way, the Quran as such says nothing about marrying, whether Christians, Hindus or other faiths - that is something that has been established later in some places. Islam varies widely on such practicacl issues in the different countries where it is practised.

Answer #2

anyone of any race could choose to become a muslim and an american is not a religion nor is muslim a race

Answer #3

yes muslim girl can’t marry a hindu and christian boy but a muslim boy can marry a christian girl but can’t marry a hindu girl

Answer #4

well a muslim man can marry any other person but a muslim girl is only to marry a muslim

Answer #5

the truth is that a muslim man or woman can marry with another religion if & only if he or she converts to islam

Answer #6

Lol it’s not a race because there are in fact Muslims in every race! Africans, Arabs, Asians, Europeans who are white lol!!

Answer #7

A Muslim Man can only marry a Christian,Jew or Muslim.A Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim And ‘Muslim’ aint a race or a nation,dude.Seriously,u guys know zilch about this stuff yeesh.

Answer #8

A muslim is someone who is islamic,if you are meaning Arabs and other Middle Easterners then they are classed as Caucasians by Forensic science and are there for “white”.A muslim man can marry any women from a MONOTHEIST religion (mainly Christian,sometimes Jewish) but a muslim women can only marry a muslim man.

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