Can I get an abortion without my parents knowing?

ok I need help bad !!! I went to a party(yeah yeah I know that was the beginning of my problem) well I had some shots and smoked and I gess I blacked out because I dont remember anything after getting into the hot tub !!! please please just help me I think im prego but I dont remeber doing it with this guy is this rape? well I know its some sort of rape because im 15 and hes 18 I just dont have money for a kid and cant tell my parents because they think im such a good kid and they think im a little princess who doesnt skrew up !!! I need to know do you have to have parent concent to have an abortion I gess ill take this guys money since he says its my fault anyways I shouldnt argue…

Answer #1

wow, okay. well calm down honey, this can be sorted. first of all you need to know who this guy is, if you do thats sound, make him aware. if you don’t remember ANYTHING that could be classed as rape, but are you sure you definatly had sex? did this guy say you’d both had sex? or are you late your period? what makes you think you are pregnant? I know it will hurt, but if you are pregnant then you really should let your parents know. every mom and dad thinks there own kid wouldnt do anything wrong, but parents need to realise their kids are humans and we all make mistakes, weather there tiny ones or whoppers, they’ve been there too. as your 15 I’m not 100% sure if you need concent off your parents, but I think you need concent from someone who’s over 21, to come with you for an abortion. my friend has had an abortion before a few years back, she was nearly 17 so she was legal to have sex, she told her parents after she’d booked for an abortion and she never needed any concent. they might appear to be really angry but after tha twears off they will really just be more upset than mad at you, your there little girl at the end of the day. also, was you a virgin? message me on here to answer the questions I’ve asked please then we can talk more. and remember, ignore him, it’s not your fault. takes two to tango, and if you dont remember anything and you did have sex, then obviously its took one, then its his fault. erin x

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