go to doctor without parents knowing

ok I have a question. I am 19 and want to know if there is any way to go to the doctor to get checked if I’m pregnant, if I am under my parents insurance. I’m still covered under them because I am a full time student, but I really really don’t want them to know! Is there any way around this?? If so, how?

Answer #1

Go to your local Walmart or drugstore and get a pregnancy test kit. They are priced fairly reasonably, are quite accurate and avoid the doctor expense or insurance problems.

Otherwise you might just tell your folks that you haven’t been feeling right lately so you are going to the doctor for a physical checkup. I don’t think the doctor has to tell the insurance company that you were having a pregnancy checkup.

Answer #2

go to a GUM clinic or buy a test you cant get them for abuout £5

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