How can I get an abortion without my parents knowing?

I’m 14, and I might be pregnant. I CANT NOT have a baby, my parents would kill me. how can I get an abortion with out my parents knowing? I already decided to do the abortion pill.

Answer #1

No, not yet. I am on tuesday. im just extremely nervous!

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Well it might be better to take things one step at a time. Don’t panic just yet - you may not be pregnant at all. And if you are, I’ve been in your situation before so feel free to talk to me about it if you need to.

Answer #3

Have you done a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions??

Answer #4

I am one day late, my boyfriend did the whole pull out method. I just need to know if there is a way to get the abortion pill without my parents knowing.

Answer #5

Hopefully, you say u “might” be pregnant, you won’t have to worry about such a huge decision. How late are u, and what are the circumstances??

Answer #6

In response to tseirpeht’s comment - she is asking for our advice on the issue. Why would you want her question removed when the site is meant to give advice on questions just like this. If you want to be like that then how about we sift through the site and delete all of the hundreds of similar questions, yea? People have abortions every day. Just because you think it isn’t moral doesn’t mean the girls don’t deserve our help on it. She has learned her lesson and now we are here to help her with the possible situation she will need to fix.

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You need to first find out if you are pregnant. And then you’ll need to go to a clinic to get abortion done properly. Please just consider this carefully. Emotionally this is a huge decision. I take it the abortion pill you are taking about is the morning after pill.

Please do not take the morning after pill if you are pregnant. This pill is only to be taken within 72hours of having sex. If you take it after you are allready pregnant, it could cause SEVERE internal bleeding and possible leave you unable to have children. Good luck with your decisions!!!

Also tseirpeht, abortion is not murder and terminating a fetus because you can’t give it a proper life is a hell of a lot better than giving a child up for adoption in a world where very few get adopted. Plus she asked for advice…she knew she made a mistake and is obviously very worried, I think she needs support now, rather that someone just judging.

Answer #8

Life is choices and they come with consequences - very sad - I would hope any baby is given a chance, like you were, at Life.

Answer #9

my parents would kill me. how can I get an abortion Are you aware of what abortion is? Look it up on youtube watch the entire process on “Silent Scream”

On a side not I would like this question removed because it violates the terms and conditions, she is talking about killing.

Answer #10

Ok, calm down. your 1 day late…are you usually pretty regular!? Stressing out can actually CAUSE you to be late. When did you have sex, do you remember the date? Fm me if you want and we can talk. Just try to calm down. Ok/?

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And tseirpeht, you can always move on to another question. you don’t have to stay here,! Bye! Bye! Megan. When did you have sex?

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