parents have a choice if you have to get an abortion?

ii am 14 and im pregnaunt. I wanted to noe if your parents have a choice if you have to get an abortion or not can you please help me

Answer #1

im 15, and even I know that they have no right, but sometimes do anyway. the baby is an innocent human child.. like the other person said, its wise if you were to give the baby to an adoption agency or close trusted relative or something. because resorting to murder..

Answer #2

call 211 they will tell you what you need to do.

Answer #3

ok, here’s something to consider: why would you invite life into this world, just to destroy it? look into adoption agencies, they’ll help you! i was adopted because a younger, unmarried girl got pregnant, with me, and she gave my parents the one thing they wanted the very most - a child. You could give a couple unable to have children the best gift they will ever recieve, and you won’t kill your child. If you love this baby, look into adoption!!

Answer #4

Talk to Plan Parenthood

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