Can her parents force her to get an abortion?

Okay theree is this friend of mine, serious it not me, I haven’t even started my period, and she pregnant, can her parents FORCE her to get an abortion

Answer #1

Well they have the leagle authroity over her. If she is over 16, they have no right to force her to have an abortion. If she is underage she needs to tell her mum and dad her thoughts about the child. How she will be responsible enough to keep it etc,

Answer #2

NO! I believe that it is her choice whether she wants to keep the baby or not! No one should force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do!

Answer #3

They would have to prove that she is not responsible enough to make her own decisions. Normally this happens when handicap girls get pregnant.

Answer #4

I highly doubt there are laws that could force anyone, even a minor, to have an abortion… and if there are she could probably go to court to fight them on it… Call planned parenthood they should know the laws…

Answer #5

They can force her into it by making her life hell if she doesn’t get it done.

Answer #6

If she is still a minor then yes they can. They shouldnt, but they can.

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