How old do you have to be to get on the pill without your parents?

How old do you have to be to get on the pill without your parents permission? Also what abut the shot or the patch? Please help and also cant you go to a free clinic for that stuff?

Answer #1

I reccomend you dont get the shot or the patch. people I know who have gotten both of those have still gotten pregnant. the pill is more reliable, in my opinion. well normally the answer to that yould be 18, because thats when you can take over all your medical coverage and everything. but when I was 15 my friends began getting birth control through their doctor. you can try there if not the maybe at a planned parenthood or womens center. but the easiest way is through your parents. and they may refuse, but im sure they would rather have you protected from pregnancy. if not then, hey, what about a good old fasion condom? those I think are your best bet because they also help protect you from STD’s good luck and if your need anything else just send me a message through funmail

Answer #2

Go to Planned Parenthood. They won’t tell your parents.

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