How can I get a disorder diagnosis without my parents knowing?

iv been through sum stuff that is too much to explain and iv taken sum personality tests and alot of them has said i hav a high chance of being a few different disorders. like each one said the same thing. i wana get a professional diagnosis but im 16 and dont want my parents to know. dont ask y. its hard to explain but i just cant. iv suffered for as long as i can remebr and i just want help. thanks.

Answer #1

I applaud you for admitting you need help and being open and honest with yourself. It takes a lot of strength to do that. In my opinion, honesty is the best policy. Trust me, I’ve been through Hell and back with both of my parents, and I know how you feel. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. It’s going to take a lot of strength, but just be open and honest with them and calmy, maturely explain to them how you feel and why you think you need a professional disorder diagnosis. I’m sure they would eventually help you and make sure you get the diagnosis. They are your parents, after all, and really, they want to help you. They know what’s best for you. I’m not sure if you’d be able to get such a diagnosis by yourself, but you may be able to without them knowing. You are sixteen, after all. Do a little bit of research on the topic and find out first before going to your parents.

Answer #2

thank you so much but i just cant go to them.

Answer #3

You could just call up a doctor and ask.

Find a phone number for a doctor or a clinic near you where they treat personality disorders, go to a public phone and call them anonymously.

They know what they have to tell your parents. They know your countries laws about patients privacy, they know about how health insurance works in your place and who would have to pay for the diagnosis. Maybe they can even tell you where to get contact to a youth aid organization who will help you with your situation.

Make a list with all your questions on it, before you call. Also bring paper and a writer to note down addresses, dates, the names of websites or any other useful information that you may get from them. Make sure you have enough coins in case the call will take more time than you expected. And if you are not successful, don’t give up and call the number of another clinic / doctor.

Good luck :-) the sheep

Answer #4

You are 16 - in Canada, that’s age of majority. You can see your doctor without your parent’s consent or notification, but you’ll need to tell your doctor that you don’t want them involved … some doctors get into the habit of notifying parents even when the patient is an adult.

Answer #5

You have to go see a therapist. A general practitioner is not going to diagnose you with a personality disorder. And if you’re taking online tests and they’re telling you that you’ve got different personality disorders, doesn’t that perhaps suggest that the online tests are extremely unreliable? For a person to have more than one personality disorder is rather unusual. One personality disorder in a person tends to be enough. Also, you’re 16, they don’t diagnose children with personality disorders. Finally, most therapists are reluctant to put a personality diagnosis on a client. It follows them for the rest of their life, and quite frankly there’s not much you can do about it. Hypochondria or an anxiety disorder maybe. Nevertheless, if you are suffering, something else may be wrong. I’d go find out from a mental health professional.

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