Nanny in problems

Hi, I have started a nanny job (boy 3 and girl 8) two weeks ago and this past week of a sudden the 3 year old doesn’t like me at all, he sometimes plays with me but of a sudden he’ll be telling me to go, that he doesnt want me there etc. I have experience as a teacher but not as a nanny and I am finding it really difficult. The parents are very permissive with the boy and I am not strict but I think there must be some boundaries, I don’t want to leave the job as the 8 year old girl and I get on very well together, but this boy is just a nightmare and mekes me feel bad when I am around him. Any advices of how I should handle this situation? Thank you

Answer #1

Make sure you treat them both fairly, although it does sound as though you are trying hard. Reward his good behaviour, tell him how mature he has gotten, play games, do star charts, (he gets a star on his front or forehead if he is good, I know a lot of little kid’s like these) and make sure at the end of the day, if he was all-in-all generally good, what a good boy he was and how much fun you had. (even if you didn’t) But DO NOT let him walk all over you. You have as much right to be in a room as he does. If he tells you to leave, you look him straight in the eye and say firmly “No. I belong here just as much as you do.” If it helps, you might want to get down on his level when telling him off. Make sure to never waver. If you warned him with the naughty chair, he gets the naughty chair. Also, do not just sit him down on the chair and walk away to play with the other little girl. Stay there and watch him. Make sure he clearly understands why he is in trouble. Once he is done his 10 minutes or so, ask him if he is ready to be good again like you know he can, and if he says yes, let him come down, hug him, and all is well. Do not make him feel bad, or as an outsider after his punishment. Once you have let him out of time out, he is forgiven. And never say “You are a bad boy.” He is not naturally bad. His behaviour was bad, he was acting badly. Make sure to state clearly that he was behaving badly, and that you know he can be good, because you have seen it. And if all else fails, tell the parents about his behaviour, and they can act as they see fit.

Answer #2

Kids are weird sometimes. The girl I used to babysit absolutely adored me, and then one day totally changed her mind, and decided to hate me. but she came around, and we’re on good terms again. Just try to include him in everything you and his sister do, and try to keep in involved. Maybe if he sees his sister enjoy you, then he might want to jump in as well.

Answer #3

the boy may be jelous of the friendship with you and the girl talk to the young boy and do what he wants and be nice to him and treat him as if he is royalty and he will be delighted and he will love you but try not ignore the girl and ask her if she would like to have a friend to come to the park for the day and so she will be distracted and you can play with the boy and get him ice cream and still mind the girl and her friend

I hope I helped bibi

Answer #4

So are kids sometimes.

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