Common skin problems with young children

Whats the common skin problems within 3 to 5 year olds skin ?

Answer #1

At this age range is Ezema, but there’s also small pox, rodecia it’s all different types. Is there one in paticular you were wondering about?

Answer #2

This is a good site to look at, however, I worked in dermatology while in school and the most common pediatric conditions that I saw in that age range was eczema and contact dermatitis..which is just an allergy to something that you have contact with, that shows up as an itchy changing a detergent…it could case a body rash because there is an allergy to something in the new detergent or the skin is just sensitive to fragrance..etc.

Answer #3

ok thanks for that , thats really good

Answer #4

what about in the winter the skin problems

Answer #5

well whats the worst skin probelm in that age range?

Answer #6

It’s all kinds is there one in general that you were wondering about?

Answer #7

what other skin problems is there that you know of ?

Answer #8

Ezema, that’s very common.

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