Language development problems

I know a 2 year-old boy who can only speak 10 words, is he going to have problems when he’s in school?

Answer #1

no he may not and yes he may. you should start reading to him and sounding out things. my little brother is 7 and no one read to him and his teachers said its because people aint reading and teaching him anything..

hope I helped baby_doll_7

Answer #2

Kids develop at their own pace. He will start to speak more and do more things when he gets around kids his own age. I would not worry about it but if it really gets to you ask his doc about it. Good Luck and God Bless!

Answer #3

If you think it might be a mental disorder get it checked however, it is likely competly fine. I didn’t start talking till 3 and now I talk more than most people lol no but seroisly I don’t think it will cause any problems and your kid is probaly fine.

Answer #4

Usually every school district has a speach therapist your child can see before they even begin school for free. I have 21/2 year old twins one talks great and the other is in a program called kids on the move, Which helps him with speech before kindergarten. Check with your local school district or even you childs pediatrician for a referral.

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