lastname problem

is it possible for my baby to have my lastname since I am 13 and ma girlfriend is 17???

Answer #1

is she ugly? lol jokes, she can put your surname on the birth certificate if she wants to… I think.

Answer #2

why wld a 17 y/o date a 13 y/o thats gross im 17 an wld neva do that do you look older than you are or sumthing:( :)

Answer #3

is your girlfriend pregnant? because you are way 2 young, and she is 2 old 4 u

Answer #4

okay wow, first of all, a couple doesnt have to be married for the baby to take on the fathers last name… thats a choice the mother makes. But its best to talk about it as a couple & decide whats right for the both of you and the baby. listen to her reasoning if she says she wants the baby to have her last name and get her to listen to yours

Answer #5

it doesn’t really matter it is usaly the man that get’s the baby’s last name to be his.but your disicion

Answer #6

you need to be married to have the baby have your last name, but if your girlfriend wants the baby to have your last name she can put it on the birth cert. but since your not married she dosent legally have to. but yes it can. age has no part on it.

Answer #7

Yes why not just talk to her (:-)Dont worry you’ll be an awesome dad you’ll dad was 16 when he had me and he never looked back.(:-)

Answer #8

if your girlfreind is pregnant and you are the farther you can be charged with rape wether she agreed to the sex or not becauses shes too young and under her countries legal age of consent, and you are over it

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