How do you grow your baby right?

I have a problem, my brothers girlfriend recently had a baby…we all live in one house and I look out for the baby,im like his nanny..but lately the baby has been very strange,all the time crying,waking up many times at night and crying,I cant go even to toilet for second,because if you leave the kid alone,he just screams…I don’t know whats wrong,but maybe its because the baby has been falling many times from bed,or its mother accidentally throw the baby out of her hands…the girlfriend of my brother,she is awful,she doesn’t take a care and good attention to a baby…is this all normal for a baby?

Answer #1

with the mother not paying attention to him and the fact that you do, He probably thinks that you are his mother or if he doens’t think that then, you are closer to him and he wants to be protected. If you give him the proper care and keep him safe than he will be more attached to you than anyone else. And your brother needs to step up and be the man that he is and tell his wife to take care of their son, and if she still doesnt’ than your brother needs to take responisblity for him.

Baby’s get attention, then they want more. He sounds like a normal baby. however he may need to go to the doctor for a check up and you should go with them and tell the doctor what you know about is actions since you are with him more.
And he is very cute. I hope that everything works out for you, but it sounds like you have a full time buddy on your hands. and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Answer #2

Thanks for answer but the thing is,my brother he doesn’t care about the baby as well…my brother all day sits at home and play play station3 games.hi doesn’t spend time with the baby…

Answer #3

The baby sees you as the mother figure. You should maybe try to spend less time with the baby, like instead of 5 hours, spend four, and then three, and try to convince her to spend more time with the baby.

Answer #4

The baby is looking to you because it feels safe with you. It sees you as mommy. As for the crying thing, how old is the baby? Usually about the time babies are able to crawl they starrt to take a few tumbles. But if they fall a lot they become scard easily. Try playing with a certain stuffed animal that the baby can carry or drag around. Something kinda small that will be a comfort and a toy. Good Luck Mel

Answer #5

I think you should call welfare.

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