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More than friends with benefits?

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There's this guy, Scott, who I've known for a few years. Actually, he lives a street over from me.. so we're neighbors in a sense. He dated this girl, Trisha, for four years. During the last two of those four years, he was sleeping with me. I'm not usually one to help a guy cheat, but Scott has a way of getting me to do basically anything. Over the past two years, my feelings for Scott have grown so much.. into more than just "friends with benefits." Trisha broke up with Scott about two months ago--not because of the cheating thing (she still has no idea), but rather because they attend separate colleges and don't see each other very often. When I asked him if he still likes her, he replied, "we dated for four years. How could I not?".. which is understandable to me. However, I cannot figure out if he actually likes me or is just using me for sex. I started dating a guy, Ben, a few months ago.. and though I broke up with him, Scott continues to make comments about him every single day. Also, I hang out with Scott's friends a lot and he makes comments all the time about it, such as.. "Oh I KNOW you had sex with TJ (one of his friends) last night".. which is never really the case. then he says that he's joking. I am going to the same college as Scott next year and whenever I joke around and tell him that I changed my mind, he says "No you didn't! You HAVE to go here!." The whole ordeal is confusing the heck out of me.. and I don't know whether or not to let him know how I feel.. and even if I did, I wouldn't know how to bring it up, or what to say when I did. Any advice you have for me would be wonderful.