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How can I break off this friend with benefit situation?

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I've dated this guy, junior for almost 4 years now...I recently broke it off with him because he doesn't take his own life seriously. He's into the "thug life". I think the whole thing is so damn immature but I love him, and i figured maybe if i broke up with him maybe he would see that he's losing me if he doesn't straighten up. I mean I'm always paying for EVERYTHING and he treats me like shit sometimes, he's even gotten a lil' physical on me before. I seriously CANNOT remember the last date he paid for ....or the last date we had at all. He's 22 years old and doesn't have a job....kinda a bum....but i have these feelings for him that i don't think will ever go away and i overlook all those flaws i know i have my flaws too but damn sometimes it's hard to name the reason why i fell in love with him in the first place. But when we are together i am the happiest ever. I just feel like he uses me sometimes and treats me like shit a lot. He satisfies me sexually....i don't think anyone else could ever live up to him that way...or maybe i just think it's so good cuz I'm in love with him. So we decided that we would be friends with benefits and it feels like we don't fight now....but i don't think he is taking this break up seriously now cuz i have sex with him either way.....i know i need to break it off i just can't seem to stop sleeping with him cuz i love him, and i don't want to sleep with anyone else. How do i make myself stop calling him for a damn booty call.....if i can do that he will see that im serious and want him to try to take care of himself. I guess he is getting best of both worlds here by not dating me, but still f*cking me. So he'll prolly neva straighten up now. im soooooo stupid, huh?