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Should I be a friend with benefits with this guy?

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alright. there's this guy who I've been REALLY close- like best- friends with for 4-5 years now. and I've always had a little thing for him, and we've always been really flirty. but now, I like him more than just a friend, and he wants to be f**k buddies. I mean I've seen his penis and we've like goofed around and all, like had phone-sex (nothing else), but when I was like 'hey, guess what I like you.' (I wasn't that forward about it, but you all get the point) he kinda was like freaked out by it. and honestly, it surprised me, because of the way he acted around me. I mean, he's a virgin and he's never been like this with anyone else, and I'm just really confused. I mean can someone give some kinda advice or something??? I mean, I'm not a slut... and he's not the first guy to ask me to do something like this... he's 1 outta 4. and we're both 15 btw, in case that helps.