A few years back I was molested by my brother.. He moved to a different state a while ago and well to my suprise he is back in town. He’s now living three houses away from me and I don’t want him anywhere near me! I’ve tried to get him arrested but they can’t do anything without proof which sucks.. so what can I do!? I’m also about to have a baby and I definatly don’t want him around it.

Answer #1

I suggest getting a restraining order on him.


Answer #2

I suggest getting a restraining order on him.

Answer #3

how old is he nw???

Answer #4

He’s 21 or 22 now.

Answer #5

has he talked or touched you yet???

Answer #6

wow I feel sorry for u…u should never leave your baby alone anywhere…always keep it with u…u should move somewhere else and if you dont wanna move then keep your door and windows locked all the time.

Answer #7

He’s been trying to get in touch with me and he has called everyone in my family.

I would never ever leave my baby alone anyways.. I’m just saying, he’s a creep and I don’t know what he’s going to do.

Answer #8

well first off what he did was wrong, and in no way your fault, its his unfortuanntly yes, the police wont really bother because you cant “prove” it but seeing as though your about to have a child I would go back and tell them about the rape/molest and tell them your about to have a baby and you feel extreemly unsafe if they dont bother doing anything to keep him a good distance away from you and if your still scared, it might be best to stay with a friend, relative, parent, ect or even have them over reguarly so your not alone and if that doesnt help and your still very afraid that he might do it again it might be a good idea to take some sort of martial arts class that way if he were to try it again, you would know how to fight back and hurt him to have plenty of time to get away martial arts shouldnt really be used to hurt people, but when its for self defence, its worth knowing how to fight back and you would feel a lot safer knowing you could protect yourself and your child if it comes to that

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