How do I tell my mom my dad molested me??

Im 14 and a guy. I mean do I write a letter or something, or does it have 2 be face to face?

Answer #1

Feel free to write it down, but keep a copy in case she tears it up, and keep in mind that a lot of mothers do not respond well when told that their husband molests children. My fiance was molested and her mother refused to believe her, and told her she was making it up. Parents can be very selfish people.

It is more likely she will tell you that you were just confused and go talk to your father. Keep in mind that if she does that, then your father is going to take advantage of how nieve she is and play it up that you were just confused, and then attempt to confuse you as well. If that is the case, then I’m afraid you will have to resort to handing the letter to a school counselor or a police officer and telling them your mother wouldn’t listen.

Please, do something, though, as I can assure you if he is touching you at 14, then it is likely he did it when you were younger and you just don’t remember, and it is almost certain that he has been touching other children as well.

Don’t hold back on saying something, but also don’t be afraid to accept your father’s apology if he admits to it and admits that he has a problem. It is very likely he is a confused and suffering man if his sexual attention has been turned to children. This in no way excuses him, but if he is willing to work to better himself, then remain guarded from him doing it again, but also be open to him truely healing from this (but it is very likely he won’t heal unless he seeks professional help).

I’ll pray for you and I certainly hope your mother takes your side and protects you as she should.

If you need some more help or just someone to talk to, message me, I sent you a friend request.

Source: Personal Experience

Answer #2

when my dad raped me, I was scared to tell…the only reason I got the courage was becaues my little sister came to me and said he did the same to her, that’s when I got fed up…tho I was scared my mom would hate me, I went a told her… I was 10yrs old at the time. she wasnt mad at me at all, and I was relieved, she called the police, and got us to the hospital. afterwards, we found out that he’d done it to all of our friends, and plenty others… if you’re scared to tell her face to face, feel free to write a letter. if she does nothing, don’t put you and possibly others through hell, because none of this is your fault. go to some one, and keep speaking on it until you’re heard. also, you could go to the police station, or just call the police on your own. I’ll pray that you get thru this one way or another. much love

Answer #3

Well I think that you should give her the letter, but in case she doesn’t believe you, then tell your BFF because for certain they will believe you. My BFF stood by me when I told her that my dad was an aggy bastard so I am sure that they will believe you. But if they don’t talk to a teacher or reletive that will most DEFINATLEY believe you, like an aunt or an uncle. It will take guts, ut I hope you can get through this. Take care!

g153lle xx

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