A good friend is maybe being molested by father what can I do?

I have a good friend the she told me once that occasionally she wakes up with her pjs off. She told her mum but she said that she was restless. Her father goes on business trips often, and this last time he left the pj thing didn’t happen for a bit. But the night he came home, in the morning when he was back it happened. She first thought that her father molested her, but she doesn’t know what to do about it. We have talked about it and she doesn’t know what to do. Nor do I know what to tell her. She cant lock her door because her mum wakes her up each morning, and alarm clocks don’t work because she is a very deep sleeper. What should we do? I am very worried for her safety.

Answer #1

Report it. I’m sooo sorry for your friend. Anyone who can do that to a child is sick.

Answer #2

I’d go to a school councelor first…before I brought in the law (in the name of another person)…if this was yourself it would be different. Right now, it’s hearsay…


Answer #3

tell her 2 try 2 get a vidoe camara and hide it somewere and her room b because if shes not sure if hes doing that then theres really nothing she can do about it.tell her when she knows when hes going 2 go 2 herr try not 2 sleep.I know itz going 2 be hard but she needs 2 know whos doing that.

Answer #4

go to the local DHS unit. report the case.

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