how do i tell if i was molested or rapped?.

When i was 7-8yrs old i was awaken by a family member touching me inapropiatly and sticking his fingers in my rear and my vagina playing in my private aerea and touching himself while doing this to me i was terrified i pretended to be asleep it lasted for 25min the worst 25mins in my life this happened twice i have never told anyone because i was scared and thought no one would belive me i am now 13yrs old and want to know if i was molested or rapped i have thought about this every day since then its been tearing me apart help me plz(let me know if this was molestation or rape) and thanxs so much

Answer #1

If have not had sexual intercourse (meaning your still a virgin) and you think you were raped go see a doctor and they will be able to tell if your hymen was broken. But if you are no longer a virgin (it being on your own wil) there is nothing you can do but seek professional help and have therapy to help you get through that and tell a trusted adult.

Answer #2

That is definitely molestation - you need to talk to your parents if you can and have this person dealt with. It might also be helpful to get you some therapy to deal with this.

Answer #3

thanxs for your help it means alot

Answer #4

thank you so much it means alot =.)

Answer #5

By definiton rape is forced penetration. This included by a penis, finger, or other object into the mouth, vagina, or anus. So yes, it is rape. Listen, dont get hung up on technical definitions. It doesnt matter what you call it. He violated you. That’s not ok. You should consider talking to a mental health worker.

Answer #6

thanxs so much for your help.

Answer #7

oh, and I forgot, try RAINN.ORG. Obviously if you feel comfortable enough to talk to your parents to get you a therapist, that would be ideal. But this is online, they have an online chat which is nice. They will listen.

Answer #8

ur welcome =]

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