How to tell my Dad I was molested?

how do I tell my dad that I lied about my brother not mulestin me when he did

Answer #1

Molested - I would put it in a letter and tell him what happened, when, where - let your feelings be known - you did nothing to deserve this evil act…I wish you every happiness in your future !!

Answer #2

please let him no what is going on! your brother is sick and needs to be in jail! please under ay kind of thought should you feel gulity at all! this was sick thing and you have to live with this and he should pay for whut he has done! there are test that can be prove that he did this to you! so dont think its to late!

Answer #3

get your dad on your own, write it down but let him read it infront of you do you can answer anything for him, tell you father really, your brother does not deserve to get away with doing that to you best of luck xx

Answer #4

TELL HIM RIGHT AWAY!! you can’t hide it anymore!! tell him!! maybe you will be scared at first to say it, but you have to!! he will kinda understand. just tell him you were scared to say it at first because you didn’t no he would react!!

Answer #5

you need to tell him… you cant keep it bottled up!!! that is the worst way to go… trust me

Answer #6

well my that happened to my sister (when I say my sister I mean my sister) and I told my mom and she was pi* so you should be hounest

Answer #7

u can tell him and just say you was scared to c how he will react maybe.

Answer #8

well just tell him and I want to meet your brother

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