What are some good things to mix with Cognac?

Answer #1

Coke, applecider, fresh raspberry juice and a twist of lime, red bull, ginger ale, cherry pepsi, dr. pepper, orange juice, apple juice and sprite. You can pretty much just experiment with anything you like and see how it tastes.

Answer #2

Thx, I do coke and pepsi and was looking for alternatives, thx for so many of them

Answer #3

More Cognac :D

Answer #4

Lol did that already :-)

Answer #5

3 larger Ice cubes “on the rocks” is good in my opinion

Answer #6

How do you know all that Kayla? :D

Answer #7

Personally I never liked cognac or brandy. Most people who like cognac drink it straight up. Sometimes it is mixed with sprite, cherry coke or juice.

Answer #8

Good conversation.

Answer #9

Lol true :-)

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