Can I mix protein drink with milk or not?

Can I mix protein drink with milk or not? friend told me not…just mix it with water but another friend told me that´s good mix it with milk and drink it before go to sleep. So I don´t know and i´m lil confused:-)..could anyone tell me the right thing?

Answer #1

I agree with prince william. just make sure you put a little hot water in the bottem (so all the powder mixes) than top her off with milk

Answer #2

no don’t mix it with milk! Has the other one acually tried it with milk?? cause if he has ( and it’s good) then I guess you can mix it with milk! Unless you know, I think you shouldn’t!

Answer #3

It depends on what protein drink it is, but my friend drinks this stuff all the time, and I know he mixes some of them with milk…

Answer #4

it´s champion nutrition…I think pure whey

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