What is a good thing to make?

Its’s one of those boring days, and I was wondering if anyone knew some fun and easy things to make with basic food products. Anything you can think of that ya’ll like, will be great, I just would like some Ideas on what I can make thats simple, fun, and fast. Thanks!

  • Advice Girl, (:
Answer #1

Flour dumplings with stewed plums and honey, or yeast flour dumplings with big soft apricots inside…

Answer #2

gee mikeh that sounds sooo simple lol

Answer #3

Tonight, I’m doing pork loin chops stuffed with Braeburn apples and abruzzo, bismatti rice in a gruyere Mornay sauce, and a warm green salad with ginger vinaigrette. All pretty basic, all pretty cheap.

Answer #4

pancakes..pan cakes would be mighty fine right about now lol..with butter..some syrup..possibly the secret ingredient to make some great pancakes..pancakes..thats good to make..pancakes. :]

Answer #5

Pancakes do sound good… Fruit salads? Those are always good.

Answer #6

some spagetti and meat balls wit lots of souce yumm :-)

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