What are some good things to eat before you get drunk?

Before you get drunk/wasted/trashed from drinking vodka, what are some foods you can eat before so you dont throw up? Like I know not to eat a burger or chicken or anything but any suggestions ?

Answer #1

Are you serious? There’s no food that’s going to prevent you from throwing up. The reason you throw up is because the alcohol levels in your body are too high and its the body’s way of stopping poisoning (you know, so you dont die?). How about you just dont drink enough to throw up? Really, it is possible to get drunk to a reasonable degree without poisoning yourself.

Answer #2

Dumb question…Sorry for being so blunt. If your drinking and throwing up that’s because you went way over your bodies limit. Your body isn’t something to be taken for granted…You’ll regret that when your older =/

Answer #3

If you have a full stomach, then alcohol will go into your system slow. If you have an empty stomach, it will go into your system fast.

Either way, it will go into your system and poison you. And it will make you sick. The easiest way to prevent throwing up is to drink less_of_it.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t drink at all, but I say you should not drink so much you lose control about what you do. Don’t binge drink yourself unconscious.

Have a good drink and be merry, but don’t do damage to your body. bye the sheep

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