Whats a good thing to eat?

I’m Sick and I’m not sure what to eat any I deas??

Answer #1

the BRAT diet.


but I personally always stick to vitamin c (freshfruits e.g orange) and drinking lots of water

Answer #2

Soup, water…anything to keep your body hydrated…

Answer #3

u should try having chicken soup

Answer #4

mmm I think I will get icecream

Answer #5

Chicken Noodle Soup :-)

Answer #6

whenever im sick I like to drink hot cocco

Answer #7

Soup? Icecream? :)

Answer #8

Whenever im sick, I drink lots of tee, and I eat soups.. anything that is hot. not cold! no ice creams and stuff like that…

Answer #9

grilled cheese and soup. Or Wonton soup

Answer #10

Thank you to everyone! But I’m not sick anymore so Thanks

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