What are some good things to quench a thirst?

I have tried everything and I’m still sooooo thirsty

Answer #1

Try drinking water with a slice of lemon. Lemon really quenches my thirst whenever I’m dying for something to drink.

Answer #2

It may not be average thirst that’s your problem. If this is an ongoing thing it could mean a number of things including Diabetes.

Answer #3

Water is always good, its natural and works. Also fruits like orange, pineapple, grapefruit, tangerines e.c.t. They have juice and should help the thirst.

Answer #4

It started like 3 days ago, I actually just got tested 2 months ago for diabetes, I have drank like 4 gallons of water in the past 3 days

Answer #5

Milk. Tea. Gatorade/Propel. Juice. (Especially apple or orange)

Those always work for me!

Answer #6

I like a beer and a beach chair, that works well for me, and when one gets low I think you need a cabana girl as well, or for the ladies cabana boy.

Answer #7

Snds good lol

Answer #8

Well I don’t think it is the right answer, but hey, it is a answer.

Answer #9

Chris said U need a beer. I gota agree. That will keep your kidneys flushed.

Answer #10

Oh okay, well could it be something you ate? Foods with high MSG will make you thirsty, You could try drinking cold orange juice or milk, or eating bread, then drinking water.

Answer #11

Yes it is an answer

Answer #12

I love peach ice tea-I love the taste and it always quenches my thirst, but that’s just me =)

Answer #13

I can’t wait to get home, put my cabana girl to work, you think my wife would be mad it a referred to her as the cabana girl?

Answer #14

Hot lime tea is always my first choice…. But I do not suggest to have it more than 2 glasses daily. The Vitamin C within the lime is very good for our immune system against cold. while the tea contains kind of herb that is capable of giving relaxation to your body….

Answer #15

Cool sounds good

Answer #16

gatorade :)

Answer #17

Nothing really hydrates better than just plain old water. But anything with electrolytes will hydrate you quicker, such as a sports drink, or a powder water mix with electrolytes or any drink that is high in vitamin B6, and has a little sodium in it such as propel/gatorade/powerade because if your body is depleted of salt via sweating from exercise your body won’t stay hydrated as long because sodium is what allows your body to retain water. But personally if I’m thirsty I’ll grab a fuze revitalize, yummy and hydrating mmm

Answer #18

water with a slice of cucumber in it cause it has like a cooling effect

Answer #19

Nothing quenches my thirst like water.

Answer #20

water and gatored

Answer #21

A dry white wine such as vinho verde or Sauvignon Blanc will quench thirst very well.

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