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Octavius is known as the maverick of the tea industry for its unorthodox strategies and for completely redefining the very idea of tea in a nation where it is simply a beverage. The company owns the finest tea gardens in West Bengal spread across 2400 hectares.
Reminisce the golden era of tea with the eclectic collection of Octavius'​ finest teas available in varieties of CTC, Orthodox, Darjeeling and Green teas in a variety of fruity, flowery and herbal flavours.

Gifts are a reflection of your thoughts and choices.

Our tea gifting ideas are sophisticated, thoughtful and meaningful. A gift of a fine collection of teas reflects on your good taste for finer things in life.
Spoil yourself or someone special with one of our tea gifts. Each one is carefully made to make sure it delivers our outstanding tea experience.

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