What do you think of making laws about NO texting while driving?

Answer #1

they have such laws here in Singapore

Answer #2

I think it’s one of the smartest laws ever…we have a strict law against using cellphones - texting or talking - while driving and I firmly support it.

Answer #3

I agree with them 100%. Driving is serious business and both eyes should be on the road and both hands on the wheel at all times.

Answer #4

I agree. Without this law, millions of people would die in seconds.

Answer #5

I think it’s a great law…but the fact that it needs to be a law so people don’t do it is ridiculous…

Answer #6

I completely agree with you. Someone in our town was driving with her little kids and texting…Saturday. Yesterday they had to take her 5 year old daughter of of life support. She didn’t make it. I think they should completely outrule it here.

Answer #7

this has been law in the uk for years..

caught using a mobile phone while driving and you get a on teh spot fine of £60 and 3 points on your license.

its not rocket science to not be a n00bsauce :|

Answer #8

I think it is great….if a driver was not texting when my friend and I were crossing in a cross walk she would not be in the hospital (My friend) today.

Answer #9

Although I think it’s a good law, and it should continue being a law…it doesn’t exactly stop people from doing it. Around here, I see people driving and talking/texting all the time…they just hang up or put the phone down if they see a cop. :/

Answer #10

That’s kind of the point I was getting to. If they’re gonna break the seatbelt law, they’re definitely going to break the cellphone one. We’ve had 2 people die here in the last month because of texting&driving. One was 5 , and 18. it’s so sad :(

Answer #11

I also support it. There are way too many accidents caused by the usage of cellphones. They are very, very awful distractions.

Answer #12

i luv this law.. because so many ppl have been hurt from this that it should be a notice to everyone to stop texting while driving…but it really doesnt matter if its a law or not cause already i see ppl texting while driving while im in my car.!

Answer #13

People still die, because they still do it.

Answer #14

i still see people do it, so i decide to act like their about to get hit by honking and screaming >:) lmao

Answer #15

tha law has been here for a year i think? almost.. no talking on cells or txting while driving.. here is a psa video thats amazing.. very graphic though. i highly recommend watching it

[link removed]

Answer #16


Answer #17

this one is also amazing

www. youtube. com/watch?v=8xZ6BOHPFZc&has_verified=1

Answer #18

thats creepy - we have the same add in NZ with a New Zealand accent…

Answer #19

We have that law here. It was great at first, because everyone actually abided by it. They are getting a bit slack now.

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