The New Law for Teen Drivers in Pennsylvania?

Okay, so here’s the thing: I live in Maryland, but will soon be moving to southern PA with my father. According to something I saw on the news, there will be a new driver’s law possibly enforced for driver’s under the age of 18. The Law will state that anyone under the age of 18 (or maybe 20, I’m not sure) will be limited to one passenger under the age of 20 in the car exepmting family.

They are also considering a law that will not allow a Driver’s Liscense until the age of 18. I understand this is already in effect in many states accross the U.S.

Being a teen driver myself, I can see what they are trying to do. I also understand that my opinion may be a little byassed on this issue, but I also believe that I make some excellent points.

Here is my opinion on both topics at hand:

For the law limiting the number og passengers:

  1. Our economy is bad enough. If this law if passed, it will force many more people to waste gas money. For example: If a group of six kids decides to go to the movies, as opposed to borrowing one minivan from a child’s parents, three cars at a minimum must be taken.

  2. Teen drivers can be irrespnsible, I understand that more than most, but by enforcing this law, we will double to triple the number of teen drivers on the road, and this will only create games for them to rce each other on highways. Also, for every car out there with a teen driver, there will be one more car beside, in front of, or behind them .Thus, just that many more poeple that can be injured.

For the Law regarding the Legal driving age:

  1. Most students are entering college at age 18, and many move to unfamiliar and big cities to study. By raising the age to 18, although students will have had learner’s permits since age 16, the first year in college will also be the first year for most of them to be driving on their own.

  2. Kids need experience! By raising the age to 18, kids are onyl being allowed to be irresponsible longer, because their parents will be there longer. They are only being allowed to be protected and kept children longer.

  3. Raising the age doesn’t help! If the age is raised to 18, within 20 years time it is only going to be discovered that kids are too immature at 18, and that the age should be raised to 20. Then, you’ll have college kids living on their own who can’t even drive!

  4. My School cut driver’s ed! We no longer have a driver’s ed program at our school, and although there are private schools that can teach driver’s ed, they are often expensive and are a hassle for many lower-budget families. At my school, we have a class on how to use photoshop, write poetry, learn sign language, study the media, and a dance class that can be taken instead of P.E. Although these are all great classes, the funds and energy used to make these unessasry classes possible could be used to fund a driver’s ed class. If kids had to take driver’s ed in order to graduate, they would learn so much more about safe driving, because they would have to! Sure, this is all accessablele on the internet, but how many teens are honestly going to go and google safety procedures?

I am thinking about using these facts in a letter to a local representative. What do you guys think about my points?

And what are your opinions about the subject, even if you aren’t from PA?

Answer #1

There are more immature and stupid teens out there than responsible ones. I am glad my state passed the law for them to be 18 to drive. And I stand by limiting the amounts of teens in one car also.

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