What do you think of this law regarding cell/iPod use while walking that some people are trying to pass?

So I want to start off by saying I just caught some of the story from the news so I might have missed some info(he’ll I don’t even know who is trying to pass it). Anyway there is someone(s) trying to pass a law against walking in the street/on the sidewalk while listening to an ipod, talking on the phone, texting, etc. And apparently anyone caught doing so will get a ticket for $100. So I think its ridiculous but thats just me.

Answer #1

thats stupid. done.

Answer #2

I can understand the reasoning behind it - its a safety issue and it really helps to be aware and paying attention to your surroundings when your walking near traffic.

Answer #3

I think it’s beyond stupid. Am I honestly in favor of the government babying me? Of course not, if anything this sounds rather socialist. Maybe it’s the conservative in me that opposes this but this is a seriously stupid “law.” It seems to me, just seems that the Local Gov’ts do not have any idea what it is that Americans want if they really are looking to pass this law.

Answer #4

Well that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Yes, I understand - safety issue. Fine. But surely if I can stay aware of my surroundings while listening to my iPod and/or texting I don’t see why others can’t. Sheesh. I just think they should just stress to stay aware while doing that stuff not give fines and stuff…

Answer #5

what will they try to pass next…cant breath while crossing the street…I think the government are starting to loose touch with reality…if ur in a car txting i agree, can cause an accident & be irresponsible but walking on the street while listening to an ipod…txting ok, u can knock into someone but make a damn law out of it to be fined 100$…what else are they going to try passing to win a few more dollars out of us.

Do they not have enough to worry about with all the BS that is going on, people homeless without jobs & homeland security? Maybe they need to focus more on what is at hand rather then waste time on bs like that.

I mean ffs, take away more of our freedom & bar code us…hell treat us like flocks & lock us in a cage…that is where I see us in 50 years from now if this sh!t gets passed!

Answer #6

country is in deficit…how else will they be able to collect more since there isnt more to take. They are up to their eye balls in debt! Someone has to pay for it…ways to make people pay money for BS is start making new lame @ss laws & take away people rights…hell lets just kick out the bill of rights altogether and while we are at it also cancel freedom of speech! So not only are we bar coded animals but also cant complain about it too! ugh…Politics…cant someone just destroy it all together?!

Answer #7

Not a very smart rule, I simply don’t think that is going to be passed, just because it is so minor and kinda stupid that it does not even make sence. Meaby they are traying to make sure that we are safe and that we stay safe, but really if we are listening to our i-pod it’s on us, not them.

Answer #8

I think that if someone is on their Ipod or cell and blocking you from passing, you should try to overtake and then stop in front of the person. LOL. That will teach then to pay attention.

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