What do you think of this new Louisiana law about cellphone use while driving?

It was just passed that texting while driving is illegal (i agree with this), and that talking on a cellphone while driving is illegal if your under the age of 18. Im just curious as to how they will enforce this…i look younger than 18, they can just pull me over anytime they feel im an underager?

Answer #1

In my opinion, it shouldn’t only be for people under the age of 18, it will be dangerous for anyone since their attention is divided.

Answer #2

It would be horrid if you got pulled over everytime you drive. :O.

Answer #3

So, it’s only illegal if you’re under 18? That’s ridiculous. The law here is that anyone caught on their cellphone while driving will face a $500 fine.

Answer #4

Yepp, its only illegal for minors to talk on their phones or headsets while driving now. Seems ridiculous to me as well.

Answer #5

It might be ridiculous but it’s a start, granted, they didn’t have a law like this before. All there needs to be is a consistent need for change, by change I mean some protesting that it should be all ages and not just a specified group. To make the protesters even more effective, have them to be groups of people in their 30’s.

Answer #6

I think it should be for all ages!!! Where i live they put it so people 19 an up cant use cellphone an there is so much teenageers crashin an dyin from usin cellphones while drivin

Answer #7

That makes absolutely no sense, why when someone turns 19 are they magically able to drive saftly while texting? Anyone should be given a fine if caught while texting. I know someone who was killed cause of someone texting while driving.

Answer #8

Yeah, they just made that a law here recently as well. I don’t see how age is a huge factor for that.

Answer #9

I dont like our on driving while talking on cell phones law here in Oregon. I will tell you why.: Because I dont believe you can stop a stupid person from hurting himself, so the only reason why laws like this are passed, is to collect more money from the working/ missle class. Lemme get this straight; I cant talk on my cell phone and drive, but i can eat a double whopper with cheese? WTF? 16 states are passing laws requiring hunters to wear blaze orange during rifle hunting season. Lemme tell you something, if you aint wearing blaze orange during rifle season, then . . well. . .that is just Gods way of culling the heard. I dont believe in a nanny government having to make new laws every damn day for my safety. what are we a bunch of damn babies?

Answer #10

I meant middle class, not missle class. HA

Answer #11

Only under 18? Here its been no one car TEXT while driving, but you can call someone. And the rule goes for everyone

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